Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Ideas With Rafflecopter

I'm still experimenting different ways to make it easier for ya'll as well as me to use rafflecopter. The biggest issue has been people putting their profile link in the rafflecopter so one of my readers came up with the idea of leaving a comment below in comments area that way I can verify who follows publicly and who doesn't without ya'll looking all over for your profile. I wasn't going to do this the comment thing due to its just plain easier to use rafflecopter but I don't want people entering and wasting time if they aren't entering it right. Also I want to be able to verify that you are a follower because being a follower helps me of course bring bigger and better things in the future as well to you so its a key part for me as well.

"leave comment below in comments area saying you follow then leave message in rafflecopter with username on gfc"

Ok to make everything easier I am just requiring mandatory to leave a comment below in comments area then from there on out no commenting and it will make it easier for me to verify your following.

that is what most will say starting today on out so hope this is easier for people now I have it in several ways to follow different blogs but if you follow me gfc and you leave a message you actually don't have to leave another comment for the other 2 blogs if you follow you can just say so in the rafflecopter that you follow cause I will be able to check. If you have any other ideas to make entering easier please leave comments below thanks again for feedback its always welcome.