Sunday, July 17, 2011

Snazzy Lites Review

I received the purple and turquoise hair extension from Snazzy Lites to review. I have been wanting to color my hair off the wall colors for sometime now. The two colors I have wanted to do are these two colors too so I thought this would be a great chance to see how it would look with no commitment just in case I didn't like it. These are made of real hair which I like cause you can style it with the rest of your hair no worries in melting it cause its not synthetic. I also love you can cut them to your style of hair if you need to as well without causing it to fray or fall out. If you turn it over there is a clip to just slide in your hair press down and your ready to go. Whether you choose to put it on top like I did or wear it underneath it still looks good. Just know if you wear it on top it does show the clip some depending on how you angle yourself but just regular wear no one will even know. I loved how it came out and now Joe gets to see me with these colors too so he is a little more open to me doin it to my hair the way I want. So these came in handy for that but I love how I can also put them in my nieces hair as well for a cute look without her parents getting mad at me cause they don't want her hair colored yet. So check out Snazzy Lites for alot of great looks in some fun colors.

Snazzy Lites - $11.99

Color Choices:

Blazing Burgundy
Blissful Blue
Bodacious Black
Bubbly Blond
Casual Caramel
Fierce Fuchsia
Glamour Green
Goldie Gold
Lightening Lime Green
Orangey Orange
Playful Pink
Poetic Purple
Rebel Red
Tranquil Turquoise

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I received the hair extensions shown above and no other form of payment for this. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by all. This review has nothing to do with facebook nor does facebook have any connections with sponsoring it either. If you like my review please Plus one it on google in the top right please.

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