Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Premier Pogo Plush Review

I received the large lady bug pogo plush from Premier to review. I'm always on the look out for new dog toys for my Lulu so I was so happy to see that one of my favorite companies to work with for pet stuff had something very unique looking. They have no stuffing in them which is awesome because every toy I seem to buy Lulu ends up with stuffing strewn across the porch or in the house. So this was already a plus in my book. So I got it fast like everything else I have gotten from them in the past. I love they come in two different sizes one for smaller breeds and one for larger. We went with the large one. It was so cute right out of the box and it has a special inner material that causes it to spring back it even has this rattler in side that rolls around. This is so unique I love it so then I gave it to Lulu. Sadly she sat and stared at it for awhile but she did warm up to it and now no one can take it away from her. She won't let no one have her baby now not even the cats. I love there is no worries anymore of waking up in the middle of night and stuffing is everywhere. So if you haven't checked out Premier what are you waiting for they have such great products and they aren't real expensive like some stores.

Ladybug Pogo Plush: small - $14.00, large - $21.00

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I received the lady bug pogo plush shown above and no other form of payment for this. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by all. If you like my review please Plus one it on google in the top right please.

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