Friday, July 15, 2011

Men Shaving Tips

I want to share with you from my husbands point of view on shaving products for men and shaving tips. I asked my husband does he like shaving and his answer has always been no. But why you may ask he says that it would just be nice not to have to worry about it. I know alot of men hate shaving but one reason would be my husband says is the fact that just up until recently there was no where near as many choices in products for men as there has always been for women. Joe told me it was like they just didn't really care if men's skin was soft after a shave or maybe give men something that stops razor burn. You know thing is he is right men have been shaving longer than us women yet they have less fancy products to help them. My husband said he has found if you have oily skin sometimes in between shaves to take shampoo lather it on to your face and shave that way. Its a thick enough base you want get cuts constantly, it drys up oils in your skin that help with extra oiliness. Another thing my husband does is after a shave he said he puts lotion on his face it somewhat softens his facial hair so when it grows back out its not has harsh to my face when kissing him. Those are the main tips I my husband offers to men who shave and why not get some shaving products for men to prevent shaving burns and so on cause now with more products out their its worth using it. He said one last closing thing you don't have to be a feminine man to use these products and don't worry about what others think yourself and your woman are all that matters when it comes to shaving with extra products.

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