Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kushy Foot Review

I received the lace foot cover and the snakeskin flats to go from Kushy Foot to review. I got these fast that I have to say upfront was great. I got these for my mom cause she is always on her feet doin something or another around the house or in the yard especially. I thought the foot covers with the padding was a great thing for her. She said she loved them. They give your ball of your foot where you put the most pressure a perfect cloud of cushion while wearing them during the day. My mom usually has problems with her feet alot due to the pressure on her ball of her foot but with these she said surprisingly enough since there isn't like a whole lot of padding that it was just enough to relive the pain. The only issue we had is she wears a 10 in womens and these only go up to a 9 so they were kinda tight on her. As for the flats on the go I only recommend these to people who don't have high arches. My mom has high arches and has alot of problems with anything too flat and same went for these she felt alot of pain in her foot even if she wore them with the foot covers. All in all though we give Kushy Foot two thumbs up because they have great products and they even have stuff for men imagine So check them out today.

Lace Foot Cover - $11.97

Snakeprint Flats to Go - $9.99

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I received the stuff shown above and no other form of payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by others. Facebook does not sponsor or have anything to do with this review or product.

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