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Kim LyBrand PR Review

I had the chance to work with a great PR company ran by a very nice woman named Kim. She was very prompt at getting things sent from the companies to me in a timely manner. She is very nice to talk to was never rude once and always responded in a great amount of time. These are all great things to have in a PR but sadly doesn't always happen that way. I wanted to interview her with questions for ya'll as well whether bloggers or companies she should be on your list because she makes working with her pleasurable.

All below in her words....

Question 1:
Please tell me about yourself.

Please see my Bio attached.

Also here is some addl info as well:

My name is Kim Lybrand. I am a PR & Marketing Guru! Does your company
need help with PR and Marketing or business consulting? With the
economy in this condition there has never been a more important time
to gain exposure! Are you tired of paying high fees to a large firm
and receiving no results? Please give me a call. I work on a Freelance
level and can produce!

My fees are very in -expensive compared to other firms and even other

I have a package that would work for any business looking to grow.
(Packages starting at $350.00)

I have worked with many small to mid sized business’s helping them
grow and get the word out while helping them stick to their budget.
You will see from my extensive resume that I come with many
contacts.(I have many contacts with both large publications and also
plenty of television media also newspapers and blogs) I would welcome
the opportunity to speak with you about the possibilities for your
.(Don’t you want to see your products or
services featured in major publications, TV shows such as Good Morning
America etc…and high end blogs?

Question 2:
Please tell me about your services.

I work on getting exposure for companies with all media outlets. (write ups in publications, segments on TV programs, also write ups on high traffic websites and blogs to name a few.)

I also help companies work on marketing strategies.

Social media consulting…..

Question 3:
How did you get started?

I went to school for business and marketing and found that my forte was with PR and Marketing…Many jobs over the years have aided me in making many contacts in the media world: so this has helped me along with my strong pitch ideas….I am very creative think outside the box person….

You can also find addl info to this question in my bio.

Question 4:
How long have you been a PR and Marketing Agent?

17 years..

Question 5:
What companies and brands are you currently working with and have worked with in the past.

I work and have worked with many different companies, authors and individuals in many different industries. (I have companies all over the USA and even a few outside the US.)

Question 6:
What do you love about being a PR and Marketing Agent?

I love my job….I am always working with something different and that really keeps me on my toes. I love to get up every morning and get right to work. I love pitching story ideas to the media and seeing the story come to life. Watching small to mid sized companies get more business from the work I have helped them with is very exciting to me.

Question 7:
Do you have any advice for not only myself and/or my readers?

PR is a very important part of business…If anyone needs any addl info on PR and how it can help you grow your business please feel free to contact me for a consultation.

Question 8:
Where can you be reached?



Phone: 561-289-2372

Kim Lybrand PR & Marketing Guru

Magazines - TV Programs - Websites - Streaming Video
A Brand, An Evolution and an Opportunity


As a PR, Marketing and Advertising veteran of almost 14 years, Kim thoroughly enjoys the creative side of media. Her primary goal is to come up with exciting, new ways in which to reach, entertain and influence consumers – all to the benefit of her clients.

Having established and maintained many relationships in the media world, Kim always keeps her contacts captivated, by presenting them with unique and interesting story ideas. And, with a positive motto like, “I can make an interesting story out of a broken eggshell, and sell it to the media -- whether it be the Television World or Print Media or the Web,” she is able to successfully promote your products and/or services.

Industries Served:

All Consumer Products (Retail)
Professional Services
Financial Services
Office Products
Pet Care
Internet Software
Home Care and Maintenance
Lawn & Garden
Health Care

Aggressive Media Outreach

Kim takes special pride in her successful track record of developing powerful messages on public policy issues, which might otherwise seem dry. An energetic and persistent publicist, she is able to get the word out again and again. Kim has worked very closely with major publications, such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Soap Opera Digest, Business Week, Oprah Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Southern Living, Men’s Health, Health Magazine, Parenting, Fit Pregnancy, and Baby Magazine, Parents, Red Book, Housekeeping (to name a few). She has numerous contacts in the Television World as well.


Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Kim attended (Anderson College), and graduated with a degree in Business. During her time in college, Kim discovered that she had a passion for media. While attending school, she started writing and performing standup comedy, and soon realized that Public Relations and Marketing would be her forte!

Kim began her media career working as an account for the Boca Raton Newspaper, in Boca Raton, Florida. Although she achieved great success with the national accounts that she handled, she had a desire to take on new challenges. She then began working for a magazine, doing the same type of work. It wasn’t long before she discovered that her true passion was television. An opportunity had presented itself to work for a television production company in Florida .Kim started out working in the Media Department, and it wasn’t long before she became the company’s Media Director. This is what Kim believes she was put on this earth to do – to create fabulous TV Programming, to use her innate PR skills to get all major publications and Television shows and networks to become involved, and to think outside of the box. This makes Kim an extremely creative individual!

Her television experience encompasses work both in front of, and behind, the camera. Her television directing credits include a lifestyle show which aired on E! and style Network, and the Travel Channel Canada, along with a sporting show that aired on ESPN2, and a business show that aired on CNBC and PAX TV. She also participated in the creation of, a new teen-related show, scheduled to air on Spike TV, UPN, and WB.

Her work in television has also included Marketing and PR for television shows, and establishing strategic partnerships to align the shows. Those partnerships are with large publication families, such as the Fairchild Bridal Group, and many of the Primedia Publications, such as Soap Opera Digest, to name a few. To ensure that the productions remained within the budget, Kim also managed the production coordinators, and entire production department. (The shows mentioned above are educational style format programming, with high product placement.) The next aspect of Kim's expertise is the buying of airtime for television shows and commercials. Over the years, she has built relationships with numerous networks in dealing with the purchase of airtime.

I hope you get a chance to work with this woman it has been a complete pleasure and would love to work with again in the future.

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wow she sounds like a great pr rep I wish I could work with her too, some I've worked for have no clue what they are doing.