Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How To Enter In RaffleCopter Entry Form!!

Before posting the new giveaway using Rafflecopter I want to show ya'll who may have not dealt with it before how to enter with it. If you have any questions feel free to ask below

First one shows you how many have entered on the giveaway and how many days you have left to enter before it ends Also shows you how many entries you get for each thing you do. When you have done whatever you need to do don't forget to hit you did this or it won't count.

2nd image below is showing that you get a message on how to do the specific thing by clicking the click for instructions it drops down a little showing you what to do.

Once you clicked did this it will pop up a window that you fill out with your name, email address and if there was something you did like tweet you need to post the link or if your fanned by facebook I need the name exactly how it appears on fb. If its gfc follow you need to leave me the link to your profile. If you posted my button leave link and so on... just away that I can know and verify what you did. If I can't verify the entry then it don't count.

The last image shows you that it will show the winners name after they have been randomly picked right on the site. Now I will copy this as well and post it on a seperate post for the winner and all that way people don't miss it and all. But you will know when a giveaway is over cause it will close itself and no other way of entering.

I hope this helps anyone who has never seen rafflecopter and I hope this to make everything easy for ya'll as well as me. No comments will count as entries on these giveaways so if you don't enter on the form then it don't count. Hope ya'll enjoy

5 amazing comments:

Brandi said...

You know, I didn't even think of posting something like this! I am glad you did though, now I can just send everyone here. LOL Congrats on being one of the cool kids on the block with Rafflecopter. It is AHHHmazing!

Danyale N. said...

thanks i love it and yeah i have no problem you sending others to see here

Shairbearg said...

Interesting, I have never once seen anyone ask for my google profile link, that would actually deter me from bothering to enter or become your fan because I would find that cumbersome.

Denise G said...

Danyale the link you gave me didn't work.

邓洁 said...

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