Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gulliver's Travels Movie Review

I was so happy I got to review the movie Gulliver's Travels I had been wanting to see it for awhile. I love Jack Black he is just so funny and you really get to see even more of his funniest in this movie. I love how it takes place in the Bermuda Triangle and really pushes your thoughts to the end just to wonder if something like this could happen down there. I love that he is big in one world and small in another I just don't think this movie would be as great without Jack Black in it. Everything out of his mouth is funny. Not only is it a great comedy but it also portrays action as well as romance with several couples including Jack Black's character. I love the costumes as well shown in this movie just great. I never saw the original cause it never looked interesting enough but not a dull moment in this one at all. This is not just a great movie for couples to watch and laugh but great for the whole family. This is a great movie to sit down on the weekend with your friends and family and watch remember don't forget your popcorn. I love how this movie ends as well so great and Gulliver really learns himself better and gains so much more courage and even gets the girl in the end you gotta love that. So if you haven't seen it then check it out today.

I received this from Twentieth Century Fox to review. I received this and only this no other form of payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed upon by all.

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