Saturday, June 4, 2011

Plumbing Repair: Story Of Us Learning The Hard Way

I recently had to have a faucet put in my kitchen and that was a task in it self. My husband decided he was going to do this repair himself due to who wants to put out for a pricey a plumbing repair if you can do it yourself. So we really didn't know what to expect cause this was our first time putting in a faucet set. He didn't know but half way through found out he had to remove the pipes underneath well we forgot to turn off the water valve and when he went to remove the pipe he got soaked. Wow what a mess it got under the sink and on him. We then turned off the water to the sink of course wish we would have thought of this first. After spending almost 2 hours doing this we finally got the repair done and the new faucet was in place. I think we learned a lesson though sometimes it is better to get a plumber for things like this due to the fact that we could have ended up with more water damage than what it was worth and then we may have had to call one anyways. We were lucky that didn't happen and we got it in but next time a plumber will be called.

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