Friday, May 27, 2011

Zip 'N Hang Review

I received this great little invention from Zip 'N Hang to review. I was so glad to get to try this out cause ain't nothin worse than puttin holes in all your doors or what about some doors that are metal and you can't put a nail in it at all. This is where this invention comes to play and so easy to use. I got this really fast I must say and already plan on buyin more of these maybe even for some family as well cause their pretty nifty to have around the home. I put mine up in minutes and let my mom use it in her room. I was amazed in how it held her two bags on it now don't get me wrong says it holds up to 20 pounds but it was still nice to see it could hold some weight like this in person. It stays in place very well and no matter how much we open and close that door it never slips and still holds the stuff in the exact place we put it up at. I just wish I had knew about these before putting nails in some of my doors cause it would've been so nice to be able to move it up and down like you can with these and can't with nails. These are gonna be great for Christmas as well in puttin on our doors a wreath and stuff like I have been wantin to do. I recommend anyone gettin these for their home the Zip 'N Hang are a life saver and so worth every penny and won't break your pocket at all.

What is the Zip ‘n Hang?
Zip ‘n Hang is the world’s first adjustable over-the-door hook that won’t damage your doors. Other over-the-door hooks can scratch your door or even cause it not to close. Zip 'n Hang's patent-pending design uses flexible lines that go over the corners of your door quickly, easily, and with no tools required. With a push of a button, you can raise and lower your Zip 'n Hang to the desired height to decorate or organize.

Zip 'n Hang (includes original and BONUS Jumbo Hook) - $12.99
BUY 3 get the 4th one FREE

The Zip 'n Hang is the first world's first adjustable hook that won't harm your doors. It uses a patent-pending method of looping two monofilament lines over the corners of the doors to suspend the hook in the center. Dorota invented a compact
adjustment mechanism that allows the hook to move up and down on the door and hold over 20 pounds.

Dorota, a Polish immigrant with an advanced engineering degree, leads teams creating complex products such as multifunction printers and vertical-axis wind turbines in her day job with a prominent engineering firm in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. She is the mother of two small children and wife of a professor. Dorota invented Zip 'N Hang to solve a common problem and start her own business.
"I've spent years working for many great clients and I enjoy it," she said.

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I received the zip n hang shown above and no other payment for this. The above is my opinion of the product only. This is no way connected or sponsored by facebook.

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Darla said...

Zip 'n Hang is the best idea I've seen in a very long time! I LOVE mine and would highly recommend buying two, and give one as a gift! Your friends will think you're the smartest person alive!