Sunday, May 1, 2011

Twilight Saga Series Summary & My Thoughts

Well recently I have gotten the chance to sit down and watch all three of the Twilight movies and I was really surprised on how good they really are. I absolutely love them and its one thing me and my niece have in common she is 11 and although she is Team Edward I find myself connecting more to Jacob so guess you could say I'm team Jacob. Anyways I just put on hold at my local library the book Breaking Dawn which is the last of the saga series and will be coming to theaters this November well the first half at least and the second next November. Anyways I can't wait to get into reading it but I seriously wish Bella gave Jacob more of a chance than she has he really loves her and I really think is the better choice he won't take her from her family. Anyways I was gonna do a review on it but I know there are some who haven't seen it or read the book yet so instead I'm just gonna say its something worth watchin and readin that's for sure and will do just a summary of it.

The first Twilight movie/book is where it all begins and is where I think most really see the connection Bella and Edward have. I was so for Edward in this movie because you only saw Jacob a few times but you get the just of it that he grew up around Bella and his family has always been friends with hers. It takes you along the trip of how Edward and Bella start their romance. Only touches base with the history of the wolves and vampires when Jacob tells Bella about it all but he is not yet a wolf himself yet.

Twilight New Moon (which is my favorite I think so far). This movie/book starts off with Edward breaking up with Bella and tellin her he don't want her anymore. He really hurts her so bad that she has nightmares and goes into a major depression. The only one that brings her out of the depression is Jacob who plays a major role in this story line. This is where you see how close they get and when she finds out about him NOW bein a wolf. He falls so hard its not even funny and you can tell it in everything he does. She is still so messed up though from Edward that she can't fully commit but in my eyes she strings him along more and more every day. When she has the chance to get back with Edward she leaves Jacob behind only to tell him she loves him but it has always been Edward.

Twilight Eclipse is a very action packed movie where both the wolves & Jacob have to fight along side of Edward and the Cullen's to try to save Bella's life from Victoria which is from the very first Twilight she seeks revenge due to Edward killing her mate. Edward proposes to Bella yet she doesn't accept without wantin to become a vampire herself. Jacob hates Edward still through out all this and still tries to fight for Bella's heart. Bella and Jacob share a kiss in this movie a hot steamy kiss and Edward can tell he loves Bella and can tell she loves Jacob as well. Jacob does get hurt but confesses his undying love for Bella which is where it ends at.

Now it is left open for Breaking Dawn to take into play now. I will probably write up a review once I finish that book or a summary depending on if I feel its worth more to watch. Most of what I have summarized is just a bit more than what trailers for these movies give to you. So anyways please check these out they are so much better if you watch or read or both yourself. If you have read or watched the movies what do you think? Which Team are you?

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