Monday, May 30, 2011

Blog Award For Fab Blogs

I made this blog award and wanted to award it to a few blogs I know and hope they continue to pass it around and keep it goin. There are a few rules for accepting this award now don't feel bad if you can't do all them or you don't know a certain amount of other blogs and so on.

The rules are simple thank the person who gave this award to you in a post and make sure to keep it goin it doesn't matter how many people you send it to whether one other blog or 10. If you want to share anything about you that most may not know feel free to just mainly you have to thank the person who sent it to you thats mainly it. Grab the button below save it to your computer then upload to your blog... Please leave me a comment letting me know you picked this up and enjoy.

Here is the blogs below that I'm passing this on to alphabetical order...

50's Plus Single BBW
Emily's Boos & Rawrs
My Life With Rats And More
Taz's Journey
The Barefooted Angel

There are plenty others but these are just a few right now because I know alot of these people as well follow some of the other favorites I have and I don't want to take away from anyone else passing on... so enjoy.

3 amazing comments:

Amanda T said...

Thanks Danyale!

I just made a post about it:

Denise G said...

Thanks Danyale! The award should be yours! You helped me so much getting my blog going and I appreciate it soooo much!

JoeTaz said...

Thank you baby love it.:))