Saturday, May 21, 2011

1MiniMe Winners

I want to thank everyone who entered into the 1MiniMe Giveaway... Although it was supposed to be 11 winners I only have 8 winners that did the mandatory right. Please people I would I love to give ya'll lots of free stuff but some companies ask for different things as well not too mention if its part of the mandatory then I need it done.
Some of ya'll didn't leave the link to the item you wanted, some didn't include their email address and some don't include their name this is an ongoing problem. I only ask a few things to be entered into my giveaways please make sure you read the mandatory clearly because that and the email issue is the biggest problem. Also some of ya'll follow me but privately I can't see it then I don't know make sure your profile is visible and that you follow me publicly. Below I left the names of the winners and the screen shot of the entry they made. Thanks again to all who entered and to the company.

Grand Prize Winner:


the rest of the winners for gc