Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Got A New Washer

With me bein sick and all lately I haven't even been able to tell ya'll or enjoy or be happy that we got a new washer. We so needed one cause we were havin to go to the laundry forever now and I hate it cause its like 6 miles to tote all our stuff in and out and it just urks me. Then with no vehicle now days we were havin to drag down to the landlords a good walk by the way with a ton of clothes to wash there they were nice enough to let us if we paid more towards the use of electricity. Now we have the luxury of havin one in the house although I had never hear of Amana my ma has and says its a pretty old company. We rent it month to month so we couldn't be real picky when the place only carried this brand. I don't think $45 a month thats with taxes and all included for 24 months is that bad when you think how much you save in the long run from laundry mats and convenience. Anyways sorry these pics aren't better but my cameras flash doesn't turn off and white just glares badly due to this but you get a good idea at least.

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