Friday, April 15, 2011

About My Blog

I have been thinkin bout makin this post for awhile but it has come to my opinion some companies don't understand why I have a fully miscellaneous blog even adult stuff as well. I like to think you my readers know me better than the companies but just in case some of ya'll don't then this will help you out to understand me more. Here is the thing if you were to meet me offline you will find I am one of the most random people I can change conversations within seconds to a different subject. I believe life is too short to narrow down my too much like granted I have favorite music but listen to everything, I have favorite food but love alot of different types of foods, I have some favorite tv shows but watch alot of tv so as you can see I'm a well rounded person. I notice alot of blogs do adult stuff separate on another blog from their main but I have had the chance to work with some pretty big companies that didn't care and thats enough for me because the companies that don't want to work with me don't understand me and want me to change for them and I refuse this is still my blog and ya'll are still my family a blog family but still the same and I refuse to lie or change me for any company because then I wouldn't be the me ya'll know me as. Anyways guess I will cut this short but wanted to explain myself. :)

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