Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What Has Been Goin On Here

Hey everyone I'm still around just tryin to get some things done lately and tryin to find companies seems pretty scarce lately and I'm waitin on stuff to be sent to me. I'm hoping to get more up and posted this week just know things have been slow my way. As for my diet who knows how its coming along I have stayed on the 2500 calorie diet that the site I'm apart of said I should be on. As for everything here has been hectic we found out now my moms cars ignition went on her and we cant afford the $300 they want to fix it. So now we're still without a vehicle tryin to figure out what to do. Joe decided we should put the vehicles on craigslist and see if we can sell them as is both for $1700 which is a great deal bein neither need a whole lot of work just we can't afford to do it. If we get the $1700 then we can go to where we got my old car from and get a pretty descent car for $1400 plus tags and all so we at least have some kind of vehicle to drive and possibly get work. Anyways today has been eventful well yesterday now.... let me tell ya'll. Today we had a repo man stop at our door looking for my husbands grandma about his dads dodge dakota that went missing after his death. Well I told them I knew nothing about it but I knew she didn't have it cause she don't even drive never has it was just funny to get this knock on the door because his grandma has never lived in NC and is in FL now. So the bank is talkin bout whoever took the truck is gonna get criminal charges against them due to not paying a dime and them not knowin where it went... wow crazy we barely even talk to his family cause they don't have much to do with us anyways we do talk to his grandma though. But I figure it is his sister or his brother that took the vehicle but karma is gettin ready to bite someone oh well least its not got anything to do with us we got nothing from his dad when he died last year. I guess I will go for now be around again soon.

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