Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mother's Day Just Around The Corner

Mother's Day is just around the corned and I would love to share with ya'll some of the advise my mom taught me at a young age that has always stuck with me. My mom has always loved us kids unconditional and she always taught me to stand up for myself and I think that was the best thing she could have gave me the advise on. It has stuck with me throughout my whole life and although I have no kids every child I have ever help raise i have passed on to them. Because of this great advise I have been a more independent person and been able to roll with the punches and all around be a better person. I have found so many times in life people will knock you down and if you don't stand up for yourself a lot of times no one will. I'm so grateful for the mom I have and will always love her for teaching me so many things especially this great thing. There is so little time really with your mother so why not make the special moments count in life and take with you and share with your kids as well. Although I hope to have kids to pass this down to one day if not I will continue to teach others about it because it is a great thing to carry with you through life. I love my mother and I hope you will make this Mother's Day for her just as special as I plan to for my mom.

So why not share with your mother how much she means to you this year and how grateful you are she has been their and taught you things. Check out Tiny Prints for Mother's Day Cards to show you care.

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1stopmom said...

It is very close! It seems like this year the holidays are just flying by. I always think personalized gifts are the best kind.

Danyale N. said...

yeah me too