Monday, March 14, 2011

The Hottie List 2011

Ok so I love the show Cold Case and hate that when it was actually on regular tv it was on cable and I couldn't watch it week to week, but I watch it twice on Sundays now on regular tv non cable. I absolutely love the show especially with gettin to look at Scotty Valens (Danny Pino) yummy now for a cuban thats down right hot. Anyways i was researching online tonight the show and all and how not once in the show did Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens ever have a romantic relationship and that's sad cause you could tell it was there, you could tell they loved each other grr that so sucks. Then to top it off Danny Pino married is middle school sweetheart that he met at age 13. She was his first for alot of things it says WOW what a waste of a HOT guy, I mean come on you got to be kidding no one else got to kiss those lips or more. Sorry kinda needed to get it off my chest I mean although he isn't the hottest guy to me cause Johnny Depp is that he's on the list by far.... of my top 10! For those who don't know who he is his pic is below....

By the way I have redone my hottie list and they are in order as follows

1 Johnny Depp

2 Will Smith

3 James Marsden

4 Danny Pino
(see pics above)

5 Joshua Jackson

6 Ryan Seacrest

7 Drew Seeley

8 Mathew Goode

9 Adam Garcia

10 ---- UP FOR GRABS STILL ----

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