Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Families Decision

It is a long story of what has happened in the past years but my mom is almost 60 years old and has a lot of health problems. So many health problems that me and my husband had to move in with her a couple years ago. She is a insulin diabetic and has a hard time keeping her sugar down so she walks around in a daze a lot. She has carpel tunnel real bad in both wrists and has a hard time cooking or holding anything without help. Her blood pressure is all over the place, she has heart problems even had a stint put in her heart a couple years back. She even has memory issues. There was one day she left the house and left the stove turned on and thought she turned it off. Me and my husband woke up to the whole house in smoke, luckily my husband was a ex firefighter. Although these things would normally land her in nursing homes we have the luxury of us being here for her and my husband being a CNA and ex paramedic so he knows what to do. Not everyone has the luxury of that and although a very difficult decision sometimes its for the best just to make sure family is taken care of if you can't be there. I have moved out of state many times and always come back because my mom needed me to and no matter what I will do anything to help her get by what she needs to do. I really like that there is so many choices out there these days to help you with your loved ones and I'm glad I can help my mom the way she always helped me that is what a family is for.

I participated in the “What about Mom & Dad” campaign by AvalonHCI.com I am compensated for this post all though all events and opinions are 100% mine and may not be agreed upon by all.

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