Saturday, March 5, 2011

CSN Stores Electronic Trash Can & Clocks Review

I received the Nine Stars 11 Gallon Stainless Steel Infrared Trash Can with Batteries, and two Maples Clocks Everyday Art Deco from CSN Stores to review. First off I got these very fast like I always do from them, they have been a very great company and I recommend them to anyone for just about anything. I have seen the infrared trash cans for awhile and have thought about gettin one and the thinkin ended this time around I thought it would be great to have in our home. They are much more sanitary I think cause when your hands are messy especially with meats and stuff no touching the trash can which spreads germs. s you will see in the video you have to be pretty close to it for it to open but just the fact we have animals in the house we keep ours turned off with the good size button in the back except when we're gonna be int he kitchen. We have truly fell in love with this trash can and it has become a great part of our kitchen now, less germs and seriously it cuts the smells right out of the kitchen and locks it inside with all them bad germs. I love how it has a piece that clicks over the bag as well which prevents it from droppin down in the trash can which I hate. After almost a month of owning this we have had no problems whatsoever and it has a auto shutoff so for people with no animals or kids you could keep it on all the time and it still saves your batteries. So far we have not had to change them yet so great on battery life as well. All around I say getcha one cause its amazing. As for the clocks my mom has bad eye sight especially with her diabetes and all and she has a hard time readin a standard size clock so I got these for her. Although we only needed one of these I couldn't pass up the great price so she has one for backup and the other is in the kitchen to help her with the time. The clocks work great and although me and Joe can read from the other side of the house it helps my mom alot just bein in the same room with it. Another great buy from CSN Stores hope you check them out if you haven't already we love them.

This video below shows how it works

This video shows you have to be a certain distance to it pick you up

Nine Stars - DZT-42-1; BAT-D - 11 Gallon Stainless Steel Infrared Trash Can with Optional Batteries - $59.99 + Batteries - $4.99

Maples Clock - 6117-3R - 12" Art Deco Style Everyday Wall Clock with Colorful Frame and Dial - $7.99

Maples Clock - 6117-4B - 12" Art Deco Style Everyday Wall Clock with Colorful and Artful Arabic Numerals - $7.99

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I received the clocks and the trash can shown above and no other payment for this. The above is my opinion of the product only.

all thanks to the CSN Stores & brought to you by CSN Stores

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