Monday, March 21, 2011

The Craziness Around Here!!

I wanted to catch ya'll up to the mess goin on around here. Our landlords son came over the other day and said he was gonna paint the house sadly it didn't need it as bad as he acted like he did. Well he is too cheap to pay a painter to do it so him and his 16yr old son who didnt want to do it in the first place came down. Well first the landlords son we will say his name is John anyways he is in his 50's and I seriously don't think he has ever painted a house after you see the pics you will understand why I say that. Anyways it takes them 2 days to paint the porch just the porch and I promise you our porch ain't that big. First day they did the walls and ceiling and didn't even do all that then his son which we will call Tony just goofed off I believe after John left him alone to finish. They never scraped the old paint off, they tried doin the paint on wet to rainy days just GRRR all the way around.

Anyways we moved our stuff off the porch which I remind you is still sittin in our yard because their still not done. In the one pic you will see where the wall is like greyish thats because after his son Tony messed with the edge of the porch he decided to dip it in white paint then try to paint the wall. MORON! Ok then some how he got paint on our table leg thats sittin out in the yard and ruined it. Their is dripping of the paint on the steps and the sides of the porch and John painted the porch with a roller and thats how it got all up on the walls cause he got too close. Then he didn't even get under the door just plain crazy. After they did all this they decided their gonna pay some one to do the rest of the house although there payin as cheap as they can so I can only imagine what our house is gonna look like after that. They were supposed to have had the people come over Sat. and their still not here yet we have moved the stuff off our porch several times by now just plain tired of movin things.

Here are the pics below now ya'll will see why I haven't been around as much as I would've liked especially bein woke up days on end to John screamin at the top of his lungs to Tony.... Oh by the way their is one side of the post upfront that wasn't even painted but three sides.

2 amazing comments:

pinklady705 said...

Wow, that really is shoddy work. I'm sorry that your landlord is treating the property and you so poorly.

Hopefully the people they do hire will be able to do a better job and at least do it with more care.

Michele said...

YIKES!! That is bad. If he is as big a cheapskate as he sounds, I doubt if the hired painters will be much better :(