Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sharing Links

I was cleaning out my favorites on my browser before I get my highspeed tomorrow and thought why not share some of the stuff with my readers so maybe ya'll can use somethin from the list of links....

This comes in handy to count your words when you have so many words you have to count (great for reviews)
Word Counter

This is great for making your own ringtones for your cell from music you have on your computer never used it yet so if it don't work sorry
MP3 Maker

This is a forum where people that only made one big hit in music
One Hit Wonder

Anniversary, Wedding & Birthday Ticker
Daisy Path

Great Vacation Spot From What I Hear
Asheville Bed & Breakfast

Trendy Plus Size Clothes

Great to learn other languages

Sims 2 Hair
Hair For Sims 2

Great Site For Wedding Dress & Bridesmaids & Such
Alfred Angelo

Ideas for Anniversary Gifts Based On The Year
Happy Anniversary Ideas

Birthday Tickers

Site Great For Gardeners
Workman Publishing

Borrow Stuff From Your Naighbors Online
Neigh Borrow

This for the yoville players out there
Yoville Blog

Free Auction Site
Free Napkin

Free Auction Site
Find A Bid

Free Auction Site

Free Auction Site

Social Networking Site (I Think)

Swap Site

Free Auction Site

Free Police Auction Site
Property Room

Registered Sex Offender List
Famly Watch Dog

All About Sims
Sims Wikia

Hints For The Bloggers
Blogging Hints

Get Your Own Forum
Simple Machine

Sims Forum
Ancient Highway

Vet Odor Detector Thingy
Detect Litter

Sims 2 Downloads
Sky Sims

Cool Glu Things
U Glu

A Site That Tells You If Your Computer Will Run A Program or Game
Can You Run It

Beautiful Crystal
Waterford Crystal

Pillow Making And How You Make Them

Cars to Download For Sims 2
Sims 2 Car Source

Prank Dial Your Friends
Prank Dial

Site For Facebook Likes
Frosty Likes

Interactive News Site

Site to Shop At home With
Shop At Home

Medicine Site
Free RX Hotline

Freeware Site
Uber Downloads

A Site To Help With Peoples Wishes
Wish Upon A Hero

Singing Group
78 Violet

Chatline Online
Zone BBS

Make Unique Content
Text Broker

Transcription Site
Tiger Fish

Craft Site
Craft Cult

Hacks to Help You With Etsy
Etsy Hacks

Jitterbug Cell Phone
Great Call

Prevent Spammers On Twitter

Raffle Contest Site
Raffle Dog

Reusable Totes and Messenger Bags
Shop 123 Go

Twitter Unfollower Helper
Who Unfollowed Me

Christmas Text You Make
Christmas Text

Crafts and How To Make Them
Family Crafts

Plans For A House To Be Made
House Plans & More

Serial Codes For Programs

Diet Helper
My Calorie Counter

Celebrity Fight Fun Site

Pawnshop Online
Internet Pawn

Site To Buy Gems At Great Prices
Gem Select

Generate Links
Myspace Gen

Contest Site And Place To Post Your Giveaways
Contest Girl

Craft Ideas
Tip Junkie

Sweepstakes Listed On This Site & You Can Lsit Your Own Blog Giveaways
Online Sweepstakes

The New Zodiac List
Fox 50 New Zodiacs

Picture Slide Shows

Help Whales From Bein Endagered
Save The Whales

Banenrs For The New Facebook
Facebook Banners

A Site To Help Bloggers
Global Influence

Site To Help With Pitches With Companies
Pitch Rate

Site for Gardeners
Garden Club

Radio Shack Trade In Plan
Radio Shack

Ask Any Questions and Answer Any From Your Friends
Form Spring

Fashion Site
Delance Fashion

Help With Snoring
Pure Sleep

Templates for Blogger
E Blog Templates

Look ALike Celebrities
Gina Marie Entertainment

Ask Them Anything

Site That Works Great with Review Bloggers
Blogger Link Up

Scrolling Images HTML
Quack It

Promote Your Blog
Seeded Buzz

Free Banner Maker
Banner Sketch

Submit Your Blog And Have It Rated
Best Rated Blog

Meds For Helping Fertility

Desktop Backgrounds
Desktop Nexus

Blogger Templates
B Templates

Make your Own Banners
Ad Designer

Make Your Own Banners
Banner Maker Pro

Free Banner Maker
Soft 82

Poems Wrote For Michael Jackson
Poems For MJ

Text Maker
3D Text Maker

Site With Hot Actors
Hot Men

Widgets For Blogger
Blogger Stop

Blog Bumper Stickers For Your Blog
One Plus You

Myspace Generators
Free Code Source

Get A Car With Help (I think its only for NC)
Wheels 4 Hope

Funny Site With All Bathrooms In The World
Sit Or Squat

Twitter Baby Toy That Tweets

How To Make Your Own Yogurt
Ezine Articles

Surrogacy Info
Surrogacy For All

Surrogacy Info
American Progress

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