Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh Happy Day!!

OMG I'm so happy today my day has been sop great..... I got up today after finally gettin a descent nights sleep with 8hrs and gettin up at 10:30am. The day outside was beautiful my favorite weather in the world 70 degrees with overcast the early part of the day and ended up sunny and just beautiful. Totally unlike what our Feb usually brings but maybe Puxatony Phil not seein his shadow made it even better for us who knows. I sat outside a bit today air drying my hair after a shower in the beautiful air with a light breeze just the way our springs are with no pollen. Anyways my mom got the check in the mail we have been waiting for to be able to get the high speed internet. So I called up Century Link and it will be $75 a month for unlimited long distance and DSL 10mb. So we're paying our deposit tomorrow and a old bill I owe them for so total $169 and we will have highspeed net and unlimited phone no later than Tuesday WOOHOO I'm so freakin happy. I have had highspeed before I've even had cable before matter of fact I had highspeed when I moved here a couple years ago but there was nothin we could get but dialup until recently. So I can't wait they told me to call in the mornign pay over the phone and then they will process it and if they can get a tech out the same day they will so its very possible I could be on here tomorrow on highspeed...... at least one thing majorly goin for me today and we're gonna get the filter for the fuel pump on the car tomorrow so hopefully soon it will turn around and we will have it on the road to cause we checked it and it cranks just gotta find someone to put it in.

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