Friday, February 25, 2011

Help If You Can

I have been watching american idol for years but until this year I don't think I have seen anything as touching as the story about Chris Medina and his fiance Juliana. It touched me and my family so deep that he loved her so much to stand by her he is a very good man and a prince charming for her. I think every woman dreams of a man to stand by you in your worst times and he proved to be hers. Although I wish I could help donate I can't broke as can be but I did want to spread the word to anyone who can. Although Chris Medina got sent home on AI on Weds. which I thought was crap at least maybe with people helping him and Juliana wherever they can maybe they can eventually get married. This is straight from the site that it was listed on matter of fact if you want to read more about it go here

Laurus Foundation

make any donation below straight through paypal or go to the site to get the mailing address Also check out the facebook page

If you don't know the story watch the video below...

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