Sunday, February 20, 2011

Great Way To Earn Money

I wanted to share with all my readers this great site I found for some extra cash. All you do is sign up below and watch a few videos and you get points. It's easy to do I just started and I'm up to 940 points already. At 8,000 points you can cashout to paypal for $10. Its not alot at a time but every dime counts. I myself am holdin out for awhile cause there gonna have prizes coming soon and I would rather have them... When you sign up just fill out all the survey info that way you get more videos a week to watch right on the site. The ad videos are based around what you say you like so no watching stupid ones you care nothing for. Their not real long just a average commercial and you get two numbers in the video to type in at the end and you get your points. So check it out and spread the work. Please use my invitation link below... thanks

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