Thursday, January 13, 2011

T Shirt Printing Review

I received the sweatshirt from T Shirt Printing to review. I got this for my husband because he doesn't have many sweatshirts at all and is always having to lug around this big coat so I thought this would be great for him. We got it the other day and with the snow and ice we got recently his was a great chance to try it out. So instead of Joe carrying his big jacket with him he threw this over his short sleeve shirt and went out in the cold. He said he love how comfortable it was and it kept him toasty warm even his hands with the front pockets. He said until this shirt he never had the front pocket thing so he was happy about that. He said the material is soft and not itchy on the skin at all. The print on the front is of a monkey which I think is so cute is well done put on the shirt doesn't seem to peal or anything. Joe likes that he can put this on even in the house and feel so cozy warm when its awfully cold outside. I hate that it doesn't come in my size or plus sizes I wish they would make them for bigger people as well that would be nice. T Shirt Printing has a great design and if you want to check them out for a great deal with their nice shirts and such we do recommend them.

Price Guide

The cost of supplying your printed clothing is dependent on a number of factors:-

* Type and quality of garment.
* Number of garments.
* Number of prints per garment.
* Number of colours in each design.

We aim to be extremely competitive without compromising on quality or service and offer quotes with no hidden costs. Due to the number of factors involved in calculating the costs it is not possible to say without knowing your requirements. For a no-obligation quote Contact Here

Other Pics of Their Products

I received the sweatshirt shown above and no other payment for this. The above is my opinion of the product only.

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