Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Diet

Well I'm put off some of when I start my diet I was gonna start yesterday but with everything that has happened it put me off. Our landlord said Tues. that we can go to the grocery store in their vehicle when my mom takes the landlord to the doctor that day in Clinton. So now I will be able to get my diet stuff which is great news. I ordered on Mega Green Tea Fatburner pills to help speed up my metabolism for $4.08 for a 30 day supply with hoodia in it to help suppress my appetite. Then I'm gettin slimfast at walmart Tues. I still got to get some green tea water weight pills for $5.00 and then I need to get some vitamins as well I usually take Women's One A Day pills so all together the pills about $15.00. Anyways once I get all my pills and the slimfast I will announce that bein the day I start my diet officially.

by the way here is the pills I bought

Mega T Green Tea Dietary Supplement with Acai Berry

I will be updating everything and counting my calories from a site to keep up with everything as I go. It has me on a 2500 calorie diet although I may stick to a 2100 calorie diet not sure yet may start with the 2500 and see how that works out first. I made sure I checked with the local pharmacy to make sure I could do the whole thing I had planned to do with the green tea pills on the water weight and the fat burner and they said they were fine together. Anyways off for now but can't wait to get started. I was on the slimfast diet when I was 16 years old and lost 120 pounds in 15 months so hoping for the same progress... as soon as I can get rid of some of the water weight gain I'm hoping to be a shoe in maybe go from 400lbs to 255lbs would be nice again and then lose inches.

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Crystal said...

Good luck on everything hun!!
Try to post how the green tea pills make you feel.
Thanks :)