Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Help Me Help You!!

Please ya'll help me I only have til the 7th of Feb. before the promotion is over. There is somethin in it for you to you signup under me and you get $10.00 added to your account to get you something with. All you do is click the link below and register, confirm your email and your money will be added to your account. Then if you choose you can refer people as well to get things like lip sticks, ipod, ipad, macbook air, perfumes, cds, toys, and so on so please give it a shot what do you got to lose..... if you need anything from me let me know and I will try to return the favor. some of the stuff below is for referring friends but they change things to buy daily at cheap prices great for Valentine's Day coming up. i cut the number of friends on the lowest ones but its as low as 15 friends.