Wednesday, January 26, 2011

FlipToast Facebook App Review

I got a chance to review and work with FlipToast a free application for facebook. I'm on dialup still so I'm always lookin for a application on facebook that I can even use cause alot won't even load or it takes me hours to do so. When I got a chance to install this I was worried it might be too big but within at most 10 minutes it was installed and took not much longer to actually install to my computer. I liked the idea of this program because I could update my status on facebook, upload pictures, shows notifications, gifts, and you can even share it right from the little sidebar. It stays our of the way and the only thing I hate is when people get on a frenzy on my facebook and decide to all update their status or they post alot of stuff as you will see below they float across the screen. But if your busy and you don't want to be bothered with this just pause it, its that easy I love the pause button. I love that i can upload my status in seconds as soon as it says status updated its on facebook no lag at all unlike other programs I've used. You can even like and comment from the side bar or the status' that float across the screen without still goin to facebook. I love I can upload photos too my facebook in the folder I choose right from my desktop as well and actually pretty fast which is great cause facebook's uploader don't like dialup but with FlipToast it uploads faster and posts instantly to your profile as well as you will see well hope you can see it will say via FlipToast on your status' and such. Hope you check it out and also you don't have to keep the side bar open you can just leave it down next to your clock and still right click it and do everything.

Click the pic below to also go to the page to download and install at

This shows the pics dragged and dropped

Also check out their Facebook & Twitter.

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Anonymous said...

lmfao, get broadband you cave woman. it costs the same as dial up these days. facepalm.jpg

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