Friday, January 28, 2011

Briefly Underwear Review

I received several different underwear in mens and womens from Briefly Underwear to review. I got these for my mom she has been wanting to try different styles and types of underwear so she was so happy to get to try these out. They sent us all sizes of the bikini in womens and a pair of men's underwear and some other black small bikinis. We could only try out the colored bikinis because its all mom could try out. My mom said there very light weight, thinner material which makes them great to wear durin the summer or to sleep in and even under tighter clothes. My mom said they don't bunch under her clothes which she loves and the seems are not real thick so they don't show through her pants either. She absolutely loves to sleep in them and there so comfortable. Joe tried the other underwear that are for men's and there hard to figure out because there not like any other mens briefs because therre is no hole int he front for easy access and there not strong enough to hold everything in. I seriously do not think the men's underwear or all that great but my mom swears by the womens and really likes them so I guess I could say that if your lookin for great wearing bikini underwear for women then Briefly Underwear has what you need but can't say alot about the mens at all from what we saw.

Mens Briefs
Price: $6.99

Womens Classic Bikini
Price: $4.99

Womens Pastel Bikinis
Price: $6.99

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2 amazing comments:

Denise G said...

Sounds like these would be lovely to wear in the summer! Nice and light!

Danyale N. said...

i know my mom loves them and she is particular about her