Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beautiful Villas & Estates In The World

I recently was helping a friend look over places she may want to spend her honeymoon at so we looked up overseas cause we all know a lot of places over their are prettier. So after looking at different estates and villas that you could rent or buy to even have over seas we narrowed it down to some beautiful spots. I can say I never really knew there was such beautiful places to stay in the world like when we were looking at bali villas seminyak just breath taking. I never even knew beauty in a place like that even existed in Bali I mean I just learned about the area in Indonesia not long ago. We see on tv all the time these countries overseas have no money and have bad living environment then you see these beautiful villas and it just catches you off guard. I can't say I even know anyone who's ever visited there before but I'm a sucker for swimming pools anyways so all they have to have is a beautiful swimming pool with crystal clear water and I'm sold. If they make the pool look extra special I'm definitely in then. Then I loved how even if you wanted to buy some of the property over there like for instance buy any bali real estate and it goes for as much as some places in the USA but so much prettier I mean seriously why buy what we have when you can find such gorgeous places over there. I know its on my list now of places I would love to visit one day if nothing but just to visit and enjoy. If someone had the money to go so close to Valentine's Day this be a great gift to swipe any woman off her feet that's for sure.

I am compensated with money for this sponsored post. This is 100% my life experience though.

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