Sunday, December 5, 2010

Memories That Last

A couple years back we were living with a roommate and I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember this one time it was a very boring day and both Joe & Kris our roommate were off work for the day and we were so trying to figure out what to do for fun. Kris brought up the idea about going outside outback and shooting his bb gun at some old glass doors that were on his trash pile. Anyways he went to get his bb gun and cam back with this nice bee bee gun a a couple carbon dioxide cylinders to use because it was needed to power the bullets to go further. This was a very cool thing because all the bb guns I had seen never used the carbon dioxide cylinders I am used to the air powered ones or the guns that need pumping first so this was cool plus the bb's seem to go alot further and faster due to using this. Another time I remember was another day that Joe & Kris were off work and Kris' dad was too and he lived right next door. We all decided that we should have a big cookout so we jumped in James' this is Kris' daddy's truck and headed to the store to get supplies. We got all kinds of things from Jame's needing a new grill, and we picked up some steaks and hot dogs we were going all out. We almost left the store without getting a couple must needed disposable gas cylinders for his new grill so we could cookout. We got home and fired up the grill so to say and had a great time we even invited some of the local neighbors and it turned out to be a good. Amazing how some memories just stick with you.

I am compensated with money for this sponsored post. This is 100% my life experience though.

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