Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm Sorry

Ok so I want to apologize upfront I'am human and noticed my mistake. I pulled the winner for the ecoland hi cut briefs tonight as I went to bed early and wasn't fully awake when I did this which i think I have learned is better for me to be next time. Anyways I usually always go through entries and for everyone who has deleted theirs I delete them out and don't count them in my tally up. Well tonight somehow I missed them not sure how but anyways I did, then pulled my winner and emailed before i noticed i had so I want take it out on the winner for my mess up but i just want to let everyone else know I'm a wear of mistake and hope we can move on from this and ya'll will still visit my blog. I think that is one of the first times I messed up like that thank god it wasn't on something very big with alot of entries.

2 amazing comments:

Karla said...

These things happen. No worries

Misfit Momma aka Missy said...

I doubt most people would even notice. I try to delete them before I draw winners too but if not I don't see why it should really matter as long as that comment isn't the winning #