Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Hope Ya'll Understand

I hate to do this because I think captcha is a pin but lately my blog has been gettin spammed so for now I'm gonna turn it back on because I wasn't gettin it no where near as much until i took it off. Hope everyone understands.

2 amazing comments:

Karla said...

That's a bummer. : ( I've always liked that you didn't use it.

I understand why you need to do it. I just wish the bad guys didn't need to make it difficult on everyone else.

I still like ya! : )

Danyale N. said...

I know I hate when everyone else messes it up for the rest. The only other option I had would be to moderate and seriously I'm run ragged 90% time and don't have time to moderate everything posted and when I had it on before I got a few here and there just not as much as lately