Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 26 – A Photo Of Where I Live

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Day 26 – A Photo Of Where I Live

Here is the local grocery store that is here in Warsaw (we don't shop their unless we need somethin fast its 5 miles from us by the way this was with a cell phone couple months back but this yr.)

This is some of the stores here in Warsaw right off of I-40 Interstate that goes through my town (this was last yr so the gas prices aren't right but town hasn't changed any)

Here is Walmart shopping center kinda blurry was taken with a cell phone a couple months back (This is in Mount Olive, NC 12 miles from our house but where we shop)

These are pics of the house were renting right now the day we first saw it 2 yrs ago their the only pics I could find of a good enough view of the house to see where I live. So of course we have decorated around the house and yard and have flowers and such now as well but gives you a idea its a 2 bedroom 1 bath home love the size of the yard though. (check out how close my mailbox is when I get my mail woohoo only dreamed of somethin like this the last place I lived I had to walk a long dirt road to the mail box grrr.)

Here is the backyard

If you walk across the road from our house and look back at our home you turn to your left and you will see down the road this way

and now the other way

2 amazing comments:

Amanda T said...

Your house is so cute!

It's a little small, but it is really adorable! I love the cottage look! ::)

Amanda T

Danyale N. said...

It is a bit small but definitely easier to cool and warm durin the seasons thats for sure. Plus we moved here 2 yrs ago and we were living in a trailer so this was great for us and we got more yard as well. For some reason alot of the houses in this area are small like this when you get out of the city limits and most like ours was built in 1920's. I'm originally from a town 20 mins from here Clinton and its not real big and its not a city but bigger than this and has alot more places to shop, eat and grocery shop at I seriously miss it :(