Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 22 – A Photo Of My Future Wedding Plans

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Day 22 – A Photo Of My Future Wedding Plans

I know this one can also be of my wedding day but sadly I lost all my wedding pics in storage years ago I was so devastated at losing them although they were nothin big they were still my day. We got married at the magistrates office but we are hoping if all goes well to renew in 2012 if not then will be out 25th anniversary and we so far have been married 10yrs as of 2010 so going to show you the dress and some other goodies we're gonna get then. It will be the big wedding I never had and cost us about $10,000 I'm sure of...

My Dress

This is the front but it will be a hunter green shown below

Back and this is the color it will be

Bridesmaid Dresses

Moms Dress

My Veil

My Tiara

Our Wedding Bands


Wedding Flutes (these will be engraved)

here is the list to see other items on it
List 1

I'm still working on getting other stuff together but so far this is what I got and whats on the list....

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abitosunshine said...

That dress is gorgeous!

Merry Christmas!
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Danyale N. said...

yeah i know from the moment I saw it i had to have it. I love that it comes in plus sizes as well as smaller sizes and only cost $999 which is not real bad when so many are more than that. If you click it takes you to Alfred Angelo the maker of the dress they have alot of pretty stuff their