Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another Great CSN Stores Review

I received Go Pet Club 28" Cat Tree in Leopard Print Faux Fur & UNIDEN AMERICA CORP Cordless Phone, Caller ID, 2 Handsets from CSN Stores to review. Another great shopping at csn stores. I got all kinds of Christmas presents for my family and friends and even got stuff for my pets just like this cat tree I got for my little girl Libby. Now Libby is a very hard kitty to please I mean I have got her lots of toys and such and at 2 years old she has no actual favorite toys or kitty items to play in besides her house, and balls that have bells in them and her other Christmas toy which was a scratch post with feathers on top until now this beauty. She loves leopard print so there was no way I was gonna get another style besides this one. We got this the 22nd and I figured I would go ahead and let the baby have it early, she was like a little kid I knew it was gonna arrive that day and I kept tellin her that her Christmas was comin by UPS today. She sat at the window all day and it was so funny cause of the holidays they were a little late and when he pulled up she was like a little kid she lit right up. When we came abck in from getting it she was sitting in the kitchen so excited with this face expression like hurry up mommy and daddy lol. Anyways it didn't take too long to put it together and I loved how it came with the screw driver as well. Now we tried to skip some steps but found to do that you have to take things back apart and then go back in steps so the steps are there for a reason. Now the wings to the step area we never could get tight enough by hand so Joe pulled out his electric screwdriver we didn't want to use the electric drill because its too powerful. The electric screw driver tightened it up nicely. Once we were done she was so excited and had to get on it right away. Now she gets angry with balls on strings ha ha so she chewed them off so she could play with around the room kinda funny but their hers. She stays on this cat tree 90% of the time these days and will pop anyone who tries to put their hands on it or in her hole on top. It is really funny cause my nephew and niece were here on the 23rd and Joseph tried to come near it and she reached out and popped him and hissed at him for gettin near it. She also pops the dog too ha ha.

After gettin the baby somethin I figured why not get me somethin for myself. I have been wantin to get a new cordless phone set for quiet some time I hate my ones I had before these cause they were cheap just so I had something when I moved here but they were hard to read and the answerin machine never worked. I have always loved Uniden phones so when I saw these I knew I had to have them. My mom has a hard time readin the phones I have in the house but with these the orange back light actually makes it easier for her to read and the display is a little bigger as well. I have been wantin a phone forever with melody ring tones on them so I was happy to find out these do even Merry Christmas song which was perfect just in time for Christmas. I wish the ringers were louder but the main one is its the melody ones that are lower so good thing I have a cordless phone in the house as well. I wish it had a clip on the back to carry with me but no worries I can get put at Walmart for that. I love how it holds more numbers than I could have imagined in the address book. he speaker phone and the speaker is pretty loud which I need cause my hearing isn't the best in the world. The clarity of this phone is crystal clear on both ends and there is no annoying antenna on top to be in the way. All in all this was a great buy from CSN Stores like always.

Go Pet Club 28" Cat Tree in Leopard Print Faux Fur - $48.95

UNIDEN AMERICA CORP Cordless Phone, Caller ID, 2 Handsets
- $59.99

I received the phones & cat tree shown above and no other payment for this. The above is my opinion of the product only.

all thanks to the CSN Stores & brought to you by CSN Stores

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