Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ultra Concentrated Dawn Dishwashing Liquid Review

I received Ultra Concentrated Dawn Dishwashing Liquid to review. I have used many different types of dish washing liquid for years and some keep your hands soft but don't clean your dishes, or they clean your dishes or are rough on your hands, and then their are some that ain't worth nothing and don't do anything good for you. With Dawn none of these are to be worried by because my hands and my moms hands are not dried out or anything from using this liquid. Not too mention it fights grease as soon as it touches it before you even begin to scrub. Dawn has always been a very trusted brand around so I was even more excited that's its concentrated because it doesn't take us much at all to wash a sink full of dishes. Because of this we can wash 3 times the dishes on one smaller bottle than compared to our other dish washing liquids. I used to be one that bought name brands for some items but generics or whatever was on sale for others and I'm still this way. The only thing is now I know there is a major difference from using your store brands and generics to the power of Dawn Ultra. So next time you go to your store and you want clean dishes for less cost, that is concentrated and leaves your hands and dishes perfect and clean then check out the isle with Dawn Ultra on it.

Dawn partnered with TwitterMoms to put the product to the test and they gave it the TwitterMoms Seal of approval.


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I received nothing but the Dawn dish liquid shown above for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

Ultra Concentrated Dawn participated in the TwitterMoms Seal of Approval evaluation process, which involves underwriting a standardized, in-home research project developed by the TwitterMoms team and executed by compensated members of the TwitterMoms evaluation panel. Only products that meet TwitterMoms acceptance criteria are awarded this seal.

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