Monday, November 22, 2010

Takeya Review

I received the Airtight Food Jug that is 66oz from Takeya to review. Although they have many different kinds of pitchers and such I thought this would best fit me and my household plus its plastic I can't break plastic ha ha. Anyways I got this pretty fast in the mail and the person I have been working with is great all around great company. I love how the lid when going on it clicks a couple times that way you know its on air tight which takes the guessing game out of it which is much better than some containers I got that claim to be air tight. Well not only do they say its air tight but it actually is no matter what you put in there you will be able to tell a difference when it comes out. As you will see in the picture I put my chocolates in there I had Lindt's Truffles and sadly it didn't fill up the whole container but tell that to Swedish chocolate that amount was high enough. Anyways even though the chocolates were individually wrapped as well it kept them fresher. Every time you would remove the lid you got hit with the sweet smell of the truffles like they had just been made. Anyways since then we have tried sugar in it no moisture gets in it at all and I plan to continue to keep snacks in it probably ha ha. Anyways Takeya has pretty good prices for the great quality you get so check them out.

Airtight Food Jug (66oz) - $14.99

Designed for use on a counter, in a cabinet, in the refrigerator and in the freezer, these slim space saving designs are great for organizing in small spaces. These jugs are contoured so they are easy to grasp when pouring out ingredients. Spoons and scoops are not needed. The twist top lids with handles are completely airtight, keeping foods fresh longer.

* Airtight twist top lid
* Wide mouth for easy pouring – no more messy scooping
* Freezer safe – great for fruits & vegetables
* Cloud & odor proof

I received nothing but the airtight food jug shown above for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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