Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kompletely Kahn Review

I received this very pretty necklace from Kompletely Kahn on etsy to review. I was so happy about this because its an absolutely beautiful necklace and nothing like anything I have ever owned. I was so afraid that it wouldn't fit me due to I normally wear a 24 inch necklace so when I got it in the mail in this little pink box I loved how they took the time to make it all pretty, but I couldn't wait to try it on. After tieing it around my neck and seein it fit I was ecstatic it was just so pretty and makes any outfit look elegant whether its a dress or jeans and a nice shirt. It had alot of care put into it you can tell that and customer care with them is awesome. I got pretty fast as well which I was all about. Now my sad story "sighs" I told my husband the other day to give a friend a bracelet I made on my dresser in a smaller pink box and they don't live close so we don't see them all that much but I wanted his wife to have it for Christmas. Anyways I wasn't here so he gave the wrong pink box away now I'm sad I was mad that day but the great thing is about it his wife called me and said she loved it and wanted to know where I got it so I gave her the shop so I guess with my loss more people will know how great Kompletely Kahn really is, maybe I will be able to get me another one soon but definitely check them out their stuff is beautiful.

Here are some other great items in their shop....

Blue glass and Swarovski earrings-FREE US SHIPPING-BUY 3 GET 1 FREE - $8.50

Cat's eye necklace and bracelet set
- $24.50

Bracelet, earrings and wire wrapped ring in zebra and hot pink-SHIPPING INCLUDED - $30.00

Ladybug button wire wrapped ring-SHIPPING INCLUDED
- $8.50

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I received nothing but the necklace shown above for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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