Wednesday, November 24, 2010

CEIVA Pro80 Digital Frame Review

I received the Pro80 Digital Frame Starter Pack from Ceiva to review. I have been wanting a digital frame since I first heard about them, mainly because I'm a picture freak. Anyways when I first saw them in stores it became difficult to try to figure out which brand was the way to go before I bought so I decided to wait a bit. Sadly its never been in my price budget so when I first heard about ceiva and all you could do with their frames I got excited again. I even researched it online and I couldn't find any other frames that could do what theirs could do so I was amazed. I couldn't wait to set it up when I got it, I even asked my husband to get offline so I could set it up. It comes with a setup for several ways to hookup to get your pics although I use the dial in through my telephone cause I don't have high speed. It was so easy to hookup and signing up online for my free year of service was so easy as well. Their site is dial up friendly which is great and I can invite anyone even people that don't have a frame to my frame which is cool, so anyone can send me pictures from anywhere. I love how you can set the timer so like with me I have mine set to come on at 11am and go off at midnight and it does it that's awesome, the only thing is I have to remember when I get up to have it dial in to get the new stuff but that's not a big issue at all. They also have channels like I have the weather for my area on mine, count down to holidays, calendar, horoscopes, and top news and abc news all on my frame plus they have other great channels. This frame also will take your sd cards to ad pics as well so its your regular frame but with alot of added pluses. There is so many great things about this frame I could go on forever and the only thing that kind of annoyed me is on your top news on abc if you see something that really catches your attention you have to go to the website to read more on the story, but that's a minor thing I can deal with. This frame from Ceiva has made ever other frame out there non existent not too mention they stand by there frames if it breaks they will send you a new one how great as that, the frames from this will be your first and last frame you ever have to buy this would be great for Christmas for you or someone in your family.

· CEIVA Pro80 Starter Pack (includes one-year PicturePlan Photo Delivery Service and WiFi adapter)- $119.95

· CEIVAshare Starter Pack (includes one-year PicturePlan Photo Delivery Service)- $99.95 (Wifi adapter optional)

· We also have free shipping for orders over $99.

· Purchase any two frames (not including outlet items) and receive $10 off.

· Purchase any three frames (not including outlet items) and receive $20 off.

There are many ways to send pictures including from smartphones, iPhone, email and sites like Flickr and Facebook

I received nothing but the Ceiva Pro80 digital frame starter kit shown above for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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Frantic Holly said...

This would be perfect for my mother in law. I wouldn't have to drag between 4 siblings to get the frame updated any more.

Anonymous said...

nice, love this blog, how do I subscribe