Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pet N Shape Review

I received 4 bags of the Freeze Dried Chicken Liver PLUS dog snacks from Pet N Shape to review. Now I have one dog and my mom has 2 dogs now my dog will eat just about anything she's not too picky although my mom's dogs are so hard to please so I was happy to see there expression on these healthy doggie treats. As I said about my dog was true no matter which flavor i pulled out she ate them like they were the best thing in the world. Then the trick was to try my moms dogs and as you see my moms dog Tootsie in the pics taking the treat from me and then she walked away so I assumed she didn't like it. About 5 minutes later she came back for more and seemed to love them even licked her lips after chowin down on them. We tried each of the 4 flavors and they all seem to love all of them although Tootsie seems to like the Pumpkin & Apple the best which i was real surprised any of them eating and all. I really thought with these treats bein healthy and all they wouldn't eat it because they don't like alot of healthy dog food that's on the market with vegetables and all in it. They loved these and there is no smell due to bein dehydrated snacks, no mess on your hands after giving these to them nor is there a mess on your floor if they drop it on the floor plus its healthy for them. Pet N Shape has alot of different snacks for your furbabies and there all healthy for your babies so why not take care of them with treats that are healthy.

Freeze Dried Chicken Liver PLUS

Flavors it comes in:
Pumpkin & Apple
Banana & Kiwi
Peas & Carrots
Sweet Potato & Broccoli

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I received nothing but the dog snacks for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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