Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pet Cakes & Marzetti Winners

Congrats to the winners of Pet Cakes & Marzetti Giveaways. Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks so much to the companies as well. I want to address a issue alot of ya'll are not putting your name in at least one of your entries so that is disqualifying your entry, also some of ya'll need to check because your not following me publicly if your following me. Without further ado here are the winners:

Pet Cakes Winning # is: 232

Marzetti 1st Winning # is: 58

Marzetti 2nd Winning # is: 169

Marzetti 3rd Winning # is: 7

Marzetti 4th Winning # is: 139

Marzetti 5th Winning # is: 14

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