Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mountain Dew White Out Review

I went recently to the store grocery shopping and ran across this new mountain dew I had never heard of and just had to try it out. Brought it home put it in the freezer as you can see to get it colder faster, I'm not a big ice person waters down flavor too much. After I got this cold the whole family tried this and I can tell you we love it. Granted I won't change my regular mountain dew which I love the best but this White Out drink is sweeter than regular mountain dew and not sure if there is more sugar intake but it taste like some other kind of citrus fruit in it that makes it sweeter. I was thinkin maybe pink grapefruit or something but of course mountain dew doesn't put it in there ingredients. I can say truthfully though if you like the regular mountain dew I really think you will enjoy this White Out. I'm one that loves to try new things but so far of all of mountain dew's drinks the only ones I ever liked is Livewire "orange", Code Red, the one that is sold at Taco Bell and this one so get out and see if you have it near you and give it a shot. Also I can say this would be an awesome drink to put with alcohol as well to make some great mixed drinks.

Also check out there facebook I know I'm following them....

Mountain Dew has nothing to do with this review this is my opinion of the product that I bought.

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