Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween is Almost Here

Well tomorrow is finally Halloween it was so worth the wait and I hope everyone got there Halloween Costume and candy ready only a little over 24hours to go. I hope ya'll took my word for it and checked out at Pure Costumes because I have looked all over this Halloween season and they are the cheapest. If you did or you didn't check them out please keep them in mind throughout the year and get your halloween costumes for next year early.

They have alot of great adult costumes and they even have christmas costumes so if your feelin in a festive Christmas mood why not dress up twice this year one for Halloween and one for Christmas using the same costume that would be kinda cool. I have finally figured out what I'm gonna be I'm gonna be a sailor girl woo hoo for me. Is everyone ready to scare everyone away then stop by Pure Costumes one more last time and then let the fun begin. Boo you later.

Also don't forget to check out there facebook and twitter for other specials that might be goin on.

I'm compensated for my post but this is totally 100% my opinion for this post.

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