Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Candy

I love how when you go to Walmart near holidays they have one isle full of the candies and stuff for the holidays just pushing it right there in your face ha ha gotta love it. Well sadly its like right in the middle of our shopping for groceries to get to the other side of the groceries with the milks, sodas, and cheeses we have to pass this isle this month of course halloween candy. We found ourselves stuck on this isle tryin to find goodies ha ha.... most times you can get great prices on candy at holidays I swear. We ended up gettin several things on this isle it totaled up to about $10 and you will see all below we got although forgot to get the picture of the ghirardelli chocolate mints we got as well....

First thing is a snake grape flavored sucker $1

This was a cute little owl marshmellow sucker $1

I haven't seen these in years and had to jump on them loved them as a child but you know funny there not as great as they were when I was a kid but oh well still not bad $1

My love of chocolate got me wanting these Ferrero Rocher $3.12
these were so yummy and so rich....

The Ghiradelli costed $2.88 for a mint bag of them they are delicious.

Anyways hope everyone has a great halloween and has plenty of sweets.

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