Thursday, October 21, 2010

Christmas Xchange Check This Out!!!

Me and my husband came up with this great idea and are sharing it with everyone we know. We hope that ya'll will join in on this great time of giving. Everyone is able to be apart of this either to exchange Christmas cards with others or to give a gift to someone that you are randomly matched with. All you need to do is join this open group we made on yahoo all the rules are there and the closed date is November 27th the day after Thanksgiving. If nothin else join the group and you don't like the rules or closer to time change your mind remove yourself from the group. Please spread the word as well we really want to make it a very giving holiday for others as well. The amount needed to be spent would be at least $10 and the rest of the info is in the group so click sign up below to check it out... hope to see you there.


2 amazing comments:

My name means Wisdom said...

Great idea! I already signed up for a couple similar christmas events with other blogs though I dont want to spread myself thin. If you do it next year, I will be sure to join up.

Danyale N. said...

well I'm hoping to do this yearly because I think if we can change at least one persons holidays maybe we can start there next year off right by spreading a little cheer. I hope to see you next year.