Saturday, October 23, 2010

Announcement About Emailing The Winners

I just want to let everyone know that after each giveaway I post the winners on my blog and then right after I email the winners so after a hour after the winners post is posted you don't receive a email from me please email me. Alot of ya'll have done this but ya'll send to the email account that my subscription is assigned to and I barely check that email I only check my yahoo account so add it to your address book so makes it easier if you see your name in the winning spot just email me if you don't get mine. I don't like anyone missin there prize and have only had this happen a couple times but thats a couple times people almost missed out on there prizes. If you have any questions let me know but this is the email you should have on file from me evoluchunsmisc [at] yahoo [dot] com and as far as I send all my winning emails with subject Evoluchun's Misc. "the title of the giveaway" Winner just make a note of that.

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Menopausal New Mom said...

Thanks for finding me :) Dropped by to take a look around and to follow you too. Looking forward to seeing more!

Lise said...

following you back from :)