Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Learning Experience

Call this a learning experience I got a call from a friend out of state and she was telling me how her momma is a nurse and all and how she uses all kinds of medical terms that she is totally lost in. I know the feeling because my whole family but me and my brother have been in the medical field even my husband. Anyways she was telling me the only thing she got out of her moms conversation was she was looking to see where she could buy a id badge printer I was totally lost and wasn't sure what to tell her. So we spent that night searching the internet to see what we could find, I really didn't know much about them, only heard about them. After finding out more information we took back to her mom, she was so happy with our findings she decided to have us look up more things for her to buy. Now I'm not lying she gave us a list of things and I don't mean one or two things but besides the id badge printer there were a few things that stuck out in my mind the most with the searches. Somethings I had never even heard of before same with my friend. She asked us to find out more about where she could get HID proximity cards we were so lost with this one until I was reading about them online and what there used for. I can tell you I don't hear about them much and up until she mentioned it didn't even know they existed so this was a major learning experience for me and my friends and we helped her mother out in the end with the information she wanted and needed as well.

I am compensated with money for this sponsored post. This is 100% my life experience though.

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