Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jo-sef Cookies & LK Go Diego Go Adventure Wand Winners

Congrats to the winners of Little Kids Inc Go Diego Go Adventure Wand & Jo-sef's Cookies. Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks so much to the companies as well.

Ok there is one thing I want to address for these winners and future followers... as far as the twitter link not bein in the message when you say you tweet if I have never seen you on my blog before you will get away with this the first time only because I know not everyone knows how to do this so just to let you know as soona s you tweet a message and your still on your home page it tells you the time and all that you posted at if you hover over it will give you the link I need to go directly to it just right click copy link location and thats it... you still got questions let me know. As far as the 2nd thing I have been a stickler in the past about emails bein in every single post although I would still like this it will be tolerated if its in one of your posts on my page of that specific giveaway and it has to be the mandatory please.. Again I prefer in every message please but I won't hold against you if not.

Without further ado here are the winners:

Little Kids Inc Go Diego Go Adventure Wand Winning # is: 68

Jo-sef's Cookies Winning # is: 111

She has a wonderful site as well

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Hey, just wanted to say Thanks again to you and to the sponsor for having this giveaway. I love winning & I love how you did my name in the glitter! So cool! barb